The focus of our group is to study the molecular-level effect of environmental stresses in Spirulina (Arthospira) platensis; particularly, proteomics study of temperature stresses. Spirulina proteome under low- and high-temperature stresses and non-stress conditions were analyzed, and protein identification was carried out based on S. platensis genome sequence. Two well-known proteomic techniques, 2D-DIGE and LC-MS/MS, employed in the proteome analyses generated around 4,804 proteins (79% of the whole genome). Bioinformatic was employed to elucidate the effect of stressed proteins by integrating theSpirulina proteomic data with available data; e.g., protein-protein interactions (PPI), signaling pathways and overall metabolisms in other databases. The analyzed results are publically available in our database and can be visualized in our web-based tool, . Some interactions were experimentally verified in S. platensis by using yeast-two hybrid system. Futhermore, we are interested in developing a mathematical model of activation/inhibition among proteins in regulatory network.