Genome sequencing

Genome sequencing is a determination of the complete nucleotide sequence of an organism’s genome. Our group has sequenced the genome of Arthrospira platensis C1

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Genome scale metabolic model

The availability of Arthropsira platensis C1 genomic sequence and closely related photosynthetic micro-organisms provide an opportunity for gaining more insight into



Comparative genomics

With the availability of whole genome sequences of multiple Arthrospira as well as other Cyanobacteria species, we are interested in applying comparative genomics



Transporter system

According to the development of both clusters of orthologous groups of genes of Cyanobacteria and the transporter databases, more and more data are available for analysis of transport systems.




The focus of our group is to study the molecular-level effect of environmental stresses in Spirulina (Arthospira) platensis; particularly, proteomics study of temperature stresses.



Restriction modification systems

RM (Restriction Endonucleases) systems are widely distributed among cyanobacteria to protect themselves from invasion by foreign DNA such as bacteriophage genomes and plasmids.