About GBrowse

GBrowse was designed to view genomes. It displays a graphical representation of a section of a genome, and shows the positions of genes and other functional elements. It can be configured to show both qualitative data such as the splicing structure of a gene, and quantitative data such as microarray expression levels.

Another good way to get an overview of the features GBrowse offers is to read the documentation at the Wiki page.


We employ GBrowse package to display five Arthrospira genome including;

Comparative analysis of metabolic pathways, photosynthetic efficiency and barriers to gene transfer.

Study of Contribution of a sodium ion gradient to energy conservation during fermentation

Important organism for industrial applications and as a food supply

A cultivated and edible haloalkaliphilic cyanobacterium of great scientific, technical, and economic potential.

EU, Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative (MELiSSA) biological life support system for long-term manned missions into space.

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